"I work the hardest every single day. I’m the leader of SJ." — Leeteuk


Soldier oppa 1:
http: //twitpic.com/d4lht6
I met Super Junior's Leeteuk-ssi at the 306 reserve...
When I was feeling frustrated because of tough troubles
he lent me a ear,
because he gave me lots of wise words,
I feel really thankful for this special meeting in the army
and I overcame the difficulties happily.
Soldier oppa 2:
http: //twitpic.com/d4lhtt/full
I saw him once. The other people were sleeping in the bus but he came out alone, did this and that, set and installed the equipments. He saw Hooim and I. While the other people pretended not to see us, he even greeted us..he is a pleasant person
Soldier oppa 3:
http: //twitpic.com/d4lhuc
While I was getting out after I ate today, I bumped into Leeteuk by chance. He said hello~ and greeted first so I greeted him back too. I saw him occasionally before too and Leeteuk seems to be someone who greets really well~
I've bumped lots of celebrity soldiers before but Leeteuk was the first one who greeted me first. It seems like his personality is rather bright and nice
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